AERC Annual Symposium
Smithsonian Institution, S. Dillon Ripley Center, Room 3111
Washington, DC

November 13, 2003

Lessons from Long-Term Studies of Natural Ecosystems

       10:30 AM

Registration and coffee




Welcome and introductory remarks
Louis Pitelka, University of Maryland
Tom Jordan, Smithsonian Institution




“Emerging patterns from the AmeriFlux network”
Beverly Law, Oregon State University




Lunch (to be provided for all attendees)



       12:45 PM

“The effects of forests on atmospheric carbon dioxide;
a comparison of tropical, temperate and boreal forests”
Steven Wofsy, Harvard University




“The long-term, regional ecology of lakes: lessons from
the North Temperate Lakes Long-Term Ecological
Research program”

Tim Kratz, University of Wisconsin




“Causes of population fluctuations: lessons from a
long-term study”

Carol Boggs, Stanford University




NEON Update
Jeff Goldman, AIBS/IBRCS




Report on AIBS/AERC project to track funding for
ecosystem research

Adrienne Froelich and Sasha Gennet, AIBS






The meeting is open to all members of AERC, federal agency representatives, and representatives of other organizations interested in ecosystem research.  Please send names and affiliations of attendees to Lou Pitelka or Amy Ward at their respective email addresses.  This will allow us to plan lunch for the appropriate number of people.