AERC Business Meeting
November 19, 2004
S. Dillon Ripley Center, Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC

8:30 - 11:00 AM


Diana Wall presiding

Secretary's Report - Robin Graham

Treasurer's Report - Amy Ward

Report on status of AERC brochure - Art McKee

Report on updating web side and finding a host - Robin Graham and Lou Pitelka

9:30 AM  Nadine Lymn - Ecological Society of America, Science Coalitions

New member centers and reactivated memberships discussions - Amy Ward, Lou Pitelka, and Diana Wall

Report on AIBS/AERC project on tracking ecosystem research funding - Diana Wall and Board

Discussion of AERC priorities

Discussion on Washington meeting and briefing - Lou Pitelka and Amy Ward

Other old business

Scott Collins presiding

New members of the Board of Directors
      -  new President-elect
      -  new Member-at-Large
      -  re-election of Secretary and Treasurer

New business