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AERC: Association of Ecosystem Research Centers 2012 Meeting

2013 Events

AERC-Sponsored Congressional Office Visits on Capitol Hill

US Capitol After attending the morning congressional briefing on the role of ecosystem science in food security on October 24th, twelve graduate students and faculty members from seven AERC member institutions visited their respective House and Senate congressional offices. There they presented their own briefing statements on the importance of their own ecosystem research in addressing policy issues and why funding for ecosystem research needs to be expanded.

Capitol Hill congressional office visits feedback from survey (50% of respondents took part; How did the meetings go?)

“Very well. The staff members were very receptive to our messages.”

“Overall, the meetings went well, and the staffers seemed genuinely interested in what we had to say.”

“Overall they went well. One staffer started off disinterested, but there was a point where I was able to get her excited about our meeting by suggesting that she visit our field site.”

“I noticed that the more senior the staffer, the more detail-oriented the questions I was asked about my research.”

“[The workshop] was useful to start thinking about how to distill the message, but actually going to the [Hill] meeting[s] with someone [who] had done it before was the most useful part for the Hill meetings.”

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