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AERC: Association of Ecosystem Research Centers 2012 Meeting

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the Evaluation Survey

The complete 2013 Annual DC Event evaluation designed and conducted by Ph.D. graduate students and AERC members and event participants, Susan Cheng (University of Michigan) and Alex Maestre (University of Alabama), is now available on this website in PDF format (Evaluation Survey Results).

Enthusiastic Responses Received from Event Participants

All participants responded very enthusiastically to the series of events that the AERC sponsored this year. Most encouraging to the AERC Board was the enthusiasm students expressed for how much they gained from participating in the events and the gratitude they expressed for having the opportunity to experience first hand - and for the first time - the process of communicating the importance of ecosystem science to policy makers in addressing real-world environmental problems.

Students and postdocs also attended the annual AERC Business Meeting and embraced the opportunities solicited by the Board to become involved in making the AERC more effective at accomplishing its mission. The first action they undertook was to design and conduct a Web-based evaluation survey of participants of this year’s DC events. Their objective here, of course, was to learn what participants thought of the effectiveness of their experiences and to learn how planners of next year’s events can improve the experience.

General Comments from Survey and E-mails:

“Thank you again for everything! I really enjoyed the briefing, and the workshop. I am so glad that this organization exists, and does so much to get ecological science a voice in policy.”

“I thought the overall experience was great, given the chance, I would do it again. The congressional visits were also great. The staffers were very receptive to our concerns, and my partner and I learned a lot from the experience.”

“The AERC events made me want even more to improve my science communication skills, and I plan to take every opportunity I have to do that. Also, I value more the role we can play as scientists in policy making, so I'd love to be more involved with AERC and ABIS in any way that I can.”

“It was a pleasure to help, and it was really interesting to see the feedback from the participants [of] the workshop. Definitely, I [would] like to get more involved with AERC.”

“Thanks for the opportunity to meet you all and interact with staffers.  It was truly a great experience and one that most Ph.D. students don't get.”