AERC Annual Symposium
Smithsonian Institution, S. Dillon Ripley Center, Room 3111
Washington, DC

November 14, 2002

Exploring the funding outlook for environmental science research OR why does environmental science research appear to be chronically under-funded and can anything be done about it?

       8:00 AM

Continental breakfast




Welcome and introductory remarks
Tom Jordan, David White




“Funding for environmental sciences and the outlook for 2003”
Adrienne Froelich, American Institute of Biological Sciences




“Thoughts on the factors that influence funding and what can be done to enhance funding”

John Hobbie, The Ecosystems Center Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole






Anthony Janetos, The Heinz Center for Science, Economics and the Environment




“How federal budgets for science get set, the process and timing and how the economy influences the budget”
Dave Radzanowski, Office of Management and Budget



12:00 PM

Lunch (provided for all attendees)

“Agency funding outlooks for environmental science, the underlying causes for those outlooks, and projections for future funding”





Margaret Leinen, National Science Foundation (NSF)

Diane Wickland,
National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)





Jerry Wickland, US Department of Energy (DOE)

Mike Slimak, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)



3:30 - 5:00



The meeting is open to all members of AERC, federal agency representatives, and representatives of other organizations interested in ecosystem research.  There is no registration fee. Lunch will be provided at the meeting; therefore, we do need to know if you or people form your agency/organization are planning to attend as soon as possible. You may respond via e-mail to David White or Amy Ward.